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Say IPA.  IP Does NOT Mean IP Address.

Usage of IP to incorrectly refer to IP Address has spread like a virus and people ignorantly use just IP due to not understanding that IP stands for Internet Protocol and probably also due to being lazy.   There are many, many other protocols, and IP is just one of them. It is incorrect usage to use IP to represent IP Address.  So, please do not refer to IP Address as just IP and if the environment allows when others use it incorrectly, then correct them.  Also, typically, when people say IPA, they are referring to IPv4 and not IPv6 address.

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You are most likely looking for IPv4 IPAes, and those would be something like this format and addresses.  IP Addresses should not be confused with Machine/Physical Addresses (MACs).  An IPv6 format IPA would be something like 2001:470:6a2d:1:713e:dd8a:93c9:5143


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