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How Shard Shop Works On Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Game

Here is a fast summarized explanation of how the Shard Shop work in the game of Star Wars, Galaxy Of Heroes, and key points about the SWGOH Shard Shop.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Shard Shop

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Summary Of How SWGOH Shard Shop Works (including 1 example).

  1. When you get shards of toons (may it be a character or a ship) that you cannot use (because you already have it and it is at maximum level), it gets retained by you as part of your shard inventory.  This is what I will call Excess Shards.

  2. Excess Shards (any) can be converted to the Shard Shop Currency.

  3. 1 Character Excess Shards = 15 Shard Shop Currency.

  4. 1 Ship/Blueprint Excess Shard = 19 Shard Shop Currency.

  5. Example: Darth Nihilus needs 330 shards to complete to 7 star level from zero level.  200 Shard Shop Currency = 1 Darth Nihilus shard.  So, it takes 200 x 330 shards = 66,000 Shard Shop Currency.   66,000 divided by (/) 15 = 4,400 character Excess Shards needed to create a 7 star Darth Nihilus from scratch.


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