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34 SWGOH Falcrum Pack Openings Data And Statistics (Odds)/Drop Rate

This article helps you know how many shards you get when you buy those packs in the Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes game store, and what the average number of shards is per opening of a pack.  Below is information on real life opening on one of these pack types.  This article is specifically focused on the opening of 34 Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) shards pack called "Code Name: Fulcrum Pack", but the information and data should be useful for any similar pack, even if not the Fulcrum Pack.

Code Name: Fulcrum Pack for Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes game
This is the pack that was opened 34 times.
Each opening costs 1,299 crystals.

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Table, Chart, And Graph of Pack Opening Data.

Table, Chart, and Graph of SWGOH Shard Pack Opening
Please click on the image to see it larger.

  • After 34 continuous shard pack openings, it was determined that that average shard quantity dropped is 7

  • It ranges quantity number is from 5 to 15

  • It provides (drops) the numbers of 5, 7, 10, and 15 only.
  • Total shards after 34 openings was 245.



Quantity Of 5s Gotten:        8    (23.53%)
Quantity Of 7s Gotten:        20    (58.82%)
Quantity Of 10s Gotten:        5    (14.71%)
Quantity Of 15s Gotten:        1    (2.94%)


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