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Best To Worst Turn Meter Removal Characters In Star Wars

You probably want to know what are the best SWGOH characters for Turn Meter removal of foe.  The below list is sorted from what I consider best to worst in accomplishing that task. HOWEVER, note that the list order is based on their abilities at maximum level, and so the order can be dramatically different early on when the abilities are first enabled/activated.  This is because as you upgrade character abilities, many of them get increased percentages as the abilities are leveled up. 

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List of SWGOH characters (toons) that remove Turn Meter during a battle.

  1. Jyn Erso: "target enemy and remove all Turn Meter".
  2. Grand Moff Tarkin: "all enemies with a 100% chance to remove 50% of their Turn Meters".
  3. Clone Sergeant - Phase 1: "all enemies and remove 50% of their Turn Meters".
  4. First Order Officer: "target enemy and remove 50% Turn Meter".
  5. Magmatrooper: "all enemies and remove 30% Turn Meter, with a 70% chance to remove another 30% Turn Meter".
  6. Poe Dameron: "remove 25% Turn Meter from each enemy".
  7. CT-7567 Rex: "remove 25% Turn Meter".
  8. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben): "80% chance to remove 60% Turn Meter".
  9. Grand Master Yoda: "target enemy with a 70% chance to remove 70% Turn Meter".
  10. Clone Wars Chewbacca: "55% chance to remove 50% Turn Meter on hit".
  11. Tusken Raider: "55% chance to remove 50% Turn Meter on hit".
  12. Ewok Scout: "55% chance to remove 50% Turn Meter on hit".
  13. General Grievous: "55% chance to remove 30% turn meter".
  14. Teebo: "If Teebo is Stealthed, also remove 100% Turn Meter"(Stealth Takedown ability), and "If any buffs are dispelled, also remove 60% Turn Meter"(Bring Low ability).
  15. IG-100 MagnaGuard: "all enemies with a 50% chance to remove 30% Turn Meter".
  16. Stormtrooper Han: "25% chance to remove 30% Turn Meter from each enemy at the start of each of his turns. In addition, Han has a 25% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter from each enemy when he is damaged".
  17. Cad Bane: "remove 40% Turn Meter, or 100% Turn Meter if the target is a Jedi".
  18. Asajj Ventress: "50% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter".
  19. Dathcha: "Whenever any ally damages a Droid......25% chance to remove 25% Turn Meter".
  20. Darth Vader: "Empire and Sith allies ..... have a 50% chance to remove 20% Turn Meter. This Turn Meter removal can't be Resisted".

As mentioned at the start of the article, the list above can change dramatically as the character abilities are considered with their start values and as the character abilities level up.  For example, Grand Moff Tarkin starts with 30% chance to remove 50% of Turn Meter at first, and this ability grows to become 100% chance to remove 50% of Turn Meter on all enemies when they are hit by the Ultimate Firepower Special ability at it's maximum ability level (which is level 8 at the time of writing this article; in case it changes later).


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