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Glossary For Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes

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  • Ability Mats: Ability Materials. Items gotten to level-up/upgrade character and ship abilities/skills.

  • Achievements: A list of tasks/activities that you get rewarded for once completed, and the list is shown by going to the achievements section.

  • Action/Turn: When a players toon (hero, character, ship) gets to be played.

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence. Possible limited AI is used during game play to determine the actions of the opposing team when you fight.

  • Allies: Players you have on your Ally List. You get to borrow characters from allies.

  • Ally Points: The points earned by borrowing characters, and such points are be spent to get Bronzium Data Cards.

  • AOE: Area Of Effect. Certain attacks/skills impact more than just one toon, and that area of impact is referred to as the Area of Effect, or Area Of Impact.

  • AOI: Area Of Impact. Certain attacks/skills impact more than just one toon, and that area effected is referred to as the Area Of Impact or the Area of Effect.

  • Arena Tokens: Currency or rewards gotten daily for your status in the Arena. Silver colored. Arena tokens can be spent in the Arena store within the Shipments icon.

  • Bronzium Data Cards/ Bronzium Cards: Lowest cost Data Cards bought with Ally Points that provides random (except at the beginning) items like shards, characters, blueprints, currency, Training Droids.

  • Buff: During a fight, the application of an ability (like +50% Offense) is referred to a Buff. Each toon/hero/character/ship has different skills, and many of those skills allow them to give themselves and/or others an extra ability. Such an extra ability given is called a Buff.

  • Cantina Crystals: Orange colored. Gotten at the very least at the Cantina Battles, Mod Battles, and the Mod Challenges. Can be spent in the Cantina Battles Store within the Shipments.

  • Cap: Maximum range, or level, or achievement on or for something. Such as the level of a player, or a character, or a gear, or an ability.

  • CG: Capital Games. One of the co-makers of the Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes game, and I believe the operators of the game.
    character shards, get gear, credits, and training droids
  • Chromium Data Cards/Chromium Cards: Data Cards bought via the purple crystals. There are various price levels for Chromium Data Cards. Such things as shards, characters, blueprints, currency, and Training Droids can be gotten from the Data Cards.

  • Crit (CH): Short mention for Critical Hit. Critical hits on characters normally start at 150% damage and can be raised by various means throughout the game. In addition, the toon's physical and special critical rating impacts the Critical Hit.

  • Crystals: Purple gems within the game that are the game's main currency. Real money can be spent to buy these virtual crystals and then the crystals can be used to by Data Cards, or Packs, resources, etc.

  • Dailies: The tasks/activities that that are listed and provide a reward for their completion.

  • DD: Direct Damage. Direct Damage effects only one enemy toon.

  • DeBuff: The opposite action of a Buff. Debuff causes a negative impact to be placed on an enemy toon.. Such as -50% Defense. Something that weakens, slows down, stops, skips, etc an enemy.

  • Devs: The developers of the game.

  • DOT: Damage Over Time. A damage cause by an ability that spans beyond a single action, and possibly beyond a single team's turn.

  • Drop Rate: The rate at which something is gotten. Such as how often a Sim cards, or a shard is gotten from a battle. Another example is how often a character is gotten from a Data Card or a Pack.

  • Drops: The items/rewards you get for battles, tasks, dailies, missions, events, etc.

  • DS: Dark Side.

  • EA: Electronic Arts. I believe the parent company is Capital Games or the other way around.

  • Farming: The act of doing a task to gain an item provided as a reward for that act, and involved repeating it go get the quantity needed of that item. Such as doing the same battle to get 50 shards of a character. Another example would be doing the weekly events to get certains items.

  • Force close: Exiting the game forcefully which typically would involve forcing it to Stop via settings of a phone.

  • FTP/F2P: Free To Play.

  • FTW/F2W: Free To Win.

  • Gear: Items needed to gain abilities on toons.

  • GW: Galactic War.

  • GW crystals: Green crystals used to buy Galactic War Store within Shipments. Accessed when player is level 60.

  • IAP: In App Purchase.

  • LS: Light Side.

  • Mats: Means materials. Such as ability materials used to increase skills of toons.

  • Meta: Current state a game.

  • Modding: Modifying files used by the game to provide an unfair advantage (cheating). Typically 3rd party programs are used to achieve this.

  • Mods: Moderators (within a forum or chat environment).

  • Nerf: When a toon gets weakened after a game update due to being too over powering.

  • NPC: Non-Player Character.

  • OP: When reference to a toon, then meaning is Over Powering or Over Powered. Withing a forum it means Original Poster.

  • PTP/P2P: Pay To Play when used with game currency reference. Otherwise more globally and broadly, it means Pear To Pear.

  • PTW/P2W: Pay To Win.

  • Purp Mats: Purple Materials. One of the more difficult mat grades/colors to get. The higher a toons ability/skill goes, the more purple mats will be needed to get to the next skill level for a toon.

  • PVE: Player Versus Enemy.

  • PVP: Player Versus Player.

  • Retreat: Within a battle exists the option to retreat by going to the Settings/Gear icon and selecting Retreat.

  • RNG: Random Number Generator. The software engine that does the rolling of the virtual dice.

  • SA: Squad Arena.

  • Shards: Pieces of a toon that can be collected to get a complete toon.

  • Speed: How fast a turn meter increases.

  • Squad: A team of toons. A Team of characters. A team of ships.

  • Synergy: The corresponding relation between two or more toons' abilities/skills. Some toons have abilities that are made to work with other toons for greater impact, and other's just happend to be work well with other toons without any specified indication within a toon's ability discription. The greater a team's synergy, the stronger the team/squad is.

  • Toon: Refers to all characters or heros, and ships. There are Character Toons and Ship Toons.

  • Training Droids: Robots used to train toons and advance them to the next level. There are low level Training Droids to High Level Training Driods. Training Droids range from 1 star to 10 star. There is an increasing currency cost and an increasing Training Driod level need as a toon gets leveled higher.

  • Turn: A toon's turn is determined by it's Turn Meter, and once the Turn Meter is full, the toon gets to act (take action).

  • Turn Meter: A blue blue bar above characters that indicates their turn status during a battle. Turn meter of all the toons, foe and friend are consider for determination of which toon goes next. The Turn Meter determines which toon acts next.

  • XP/Xp: Experience Points.

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