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How-To Block Tracking Cookies For Specific Sites Or 3rd Party Cookies


  1. On Firefox Go to Tools >> Options

  2. Go to Privacy tab.
    1. Change the "Firefox will" to "Use custom settings for history"
    2. Make the "Accept third-party cookies be "Never"
    3. Click on the Show Cookies button, and make a list of the sites you do not want cookies from, which are typically advertisement sites. Clear the cookies you no longer want there, or simply have all the cookies removed.
    4. Click on Exceptions, and list the sites you want blocked from putting cookies, even if you are on their site, and also list any sites you want to allow cookies from, even if through another site you are on. You will be able to indicate Block or Allow cookies per listed site you want to block or allow.  Most people reading this for the first time simply do not do anything with the Exceptions and leave the list blank.

  3. Click OK.  You are done.


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