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Changing colors of Prestashop

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How to change colors of background, titles, texts etc. of Prestashop default theme?

Edit the global.css file in your default themes css folder.  These days, if you have an updated Internet browser, you can push the right mouse button on anything within a web page, and choose Inspect Element or similar wording or Firebug, and that will shows you the CSS style info and where the CSS file you need to edit is located at on the server.   If your hosting control panel is as easy to use and full of tools like the one WHW1 provides, then you can edit the code directly on the server by right mouse clicking on a file using the File Manager tool and choosing Edit Code or similar wording.


You can modify the tab and button colors by downloading all the images from the themes/prestashop/img folder, and using a simple image editing software like Paint, or more elaborate softwares like Paint Shop and Adobe Photoshop, and Image Makers, etc.  You can use free software like Gimp to modify the images too.  Once you have modified the images, then upload them back to the server using something like FTP or the File Manager tool often provided within the hosting control panel.  WHW1 has more than one, and I use the cpanel File Manager tool.



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