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Published: 22 April 2016
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Adding Stamp Or Vertical Or Rotated Content In Microsoft Word

First the method for the Word 2000 to 2007 is shown, and then the Word 2010 and higher method is shown. 
This article took about 2 hours to make.


For Word 2007 and before.  I have tested it on 2000 from what the below images are from.

  1. Go to Insert >> Picture >> WordArt.

    Selecting WordArt On Microsoft Word

  2. Select the Wordart format you want.  I suggest the outline format.  If you just want vertical text, then just select the vertical options given at the right side of that window, and you can skips some steps and go to step 7.

    MS Word WordArt Gallery Window

  3. Type the Word or Phrase you want (Such as Copy, or Confidential, or Duplicate).
  4. Select the font size and type from the pull down menus of the Edit WordArt Text window.

    Edit WordArt Window
  5. The inserted WordArt content should already be selected, but if not, then select it

    Select the WordArt made

    Once the WordArt is selected, you will see a WordArt window appear to allow you to format the content.  On the WordArt window select the Free Rotate radio button.

    Select Free Rotate button on WordArt window.
  6. Four colored control points appear around the WordArt. Select a point and rotate the content to the angel you want.

    Rotate the WordArt content.

  7. Turn off the rotation by clicking on the Free Rotate button again.   Move your mouse over your WordArt content and hold down the mouse button when you click on it and move the item to where you want it to show within your word document.
  8. Click on the Text Wrapping button on the WordArt Window and select the format you want. 

    Press the Text Wrapping button
    For this example I have select it to go behind the text of the document by selecting the Behind Text choice.

    WordArt After Text Format Set To Behind.

  9. You can play with the formatting by clicking on the Format WordArt button. In the following, I had it set to fill with Red and made it semi-transparent.

    Formating WordArt
    The result is this:

    Formated WordArt


For Word 2010

  1. Select the text box, or select some text inside of the text box to see the Format tab.  A quick note that in this version of Word, you can apply WordArt formatting to either the Text within a text box or the text bot itself.

  2. Click the Format tab.

  3. Click the Quick Styles command in the WordArt Styles group, and then from the drop-down menu select the Style/format you want.

    2010 Word Fromat Tab Menu and WordArt

  4. You can select the Text Direction too in the Format menu.  Rotate the text by grabbing the Rotation Handle and rotating in the the direction you want.

    Grab Word 2010 Text Box Rotate Handle


I point out that the above techniques can easily be used to place Watermarks on any document.  Images can also be inserted and rotated and be placed behind the document content.


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