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How To Clear The Concrete5 Cache (temporary buffered data)

Often after you make changes to the structure of C5, or pages, you may need to clear the C5 cache and your Internet Browser's cache in order for changes to display upon reload/refresh of the website page.  This article only covers the Clearing of your C5 cache.  Real quick, on newer versions of Firefox, to clear the Internet cache, you go to the top menu selection of History>>Clear Recent History>>Select both Cache and Offline Website Data. 

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How to Clear the Concrete5 Cache

  1. Login to your C5 back end control panel with your site administrator login information.

    Concrete5 Login page

  2. Either move your mouse over the Dashboard at top of page without clicking, and then select System and Settings

    Select Systems and Settings from Menu Shown When Mouse Hovers Over Dashboard


    click on Dashboard, and the scroll down and select System and Settings.

    Select Systems and Settings from Menu Shown After Clicking On C5 Dashboard

  3. Select Clear Cache.

    Select Clear Cache

  4. Click on the Clear Cache button

    Push Clear Cache button

  5. The page will refresh and you will see a message indicating that the C5 cache has been cleared (says Cache files removed).

    Cleared cache message