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How To Program And Activate Virgin Mobile Phones

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Access Program Mode
To get into Program Mode on your Virgin Mobile phone, enter into the phone keypad the code of ##847446# (##VIRGIN#).  As soon as you finish entering the last # symbol, the phone will take you into a special Program Menu.

Activate Phone
First note that in order to activate your phone in this way, you need to first enter your phone's ID either by phone (by calling 1-888-322-1122) or online using one of Virgin Mobile websites (such as  I usually call by phone and an automated system steps me through it.  When calling VM, you will need your phone available and it needs to be on.

Once in the Program Mode, and if you need to activate your phone, then simply click on Activate, then OK, then select Yes if asked "Do You Want To Activate Your Phone Now".  Then press Start, and next OK.  It will show a 1...2...3.... display that it is in the process of activating your phone and getting the phone number.  Once it is doing it's thing, select Finished, and then OK when you see your phone number displayed.

View MDN and MSID
If you want to view the Mobile Directory Number (MDN), which would be your phone number, and view the associated provider's network ID called Mobile Station ID (MSID), then select View.

To Edit MDN and MSID
To edit the MDN or MSID, mentioned above, then select Edit, and then select either MDN or MSID in turn.  Once done editing each, then select OK.  Once done editing, and once you are back to the Program Mode main menu, select Done, and the phone should automatically restart.


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  • Guest - George

    You can do the same with orange/EE phones!


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  • Feel free to register and write a guest article on Orange/EE Phone and get a link back to other site or article.
    Article published upon approval. Must be something technically useful for public; such as an How-To-Article.

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  • Guest - Steve Thompson

    My advise is go with someone who will value you instead, like Three. Was with Virgin for 18 months...bad experience!

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  • Guest - Dyan Joy

    Thanks for the mentioned!!

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  • Guest - Daddio7

    Is there a way to change the home location to another state after a phone is activated?

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  • @ Daddio7. I believe so. Sounds like a change of number would do that. For a Virgin Mobile USA phone: You would
    call 611 from your virgin mobile (to avoid using minutes) or call their customer service number, and enter your phone number when prompted and push #,
    then push 5,
    then push 2,
    and follow instructions you hear.

    You would want to select an area code phone number from the state you are interested in. So, make sure you check ahead on what area codes are used in that state or city you want.

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