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How To Change Home Page Of A Joomla Website

Surprisingly, how to modify the home page or have it replaced by a different article is not clearly described from the documents I have read.  I am going to make it as short and easy as possible here. These instructions are for Joomla version 3.2 and higher.

  1. First login to your Joomla website back end control panel.

  2. Create a new article to represent what you want to show as the Home Page, and Save and Close it.
  3. In the Joomla back end panel, on the top menu, go to Menus => Main Menu.

  4. Click on the one titled Home.

  5. Click on Select and a new window will show that allows you to select the article you want to show as the Home Page. Simply click on the article name.
  6.  Click the Save and Close button.

    You are done.