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Published: 12 May 2015
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How To Change Favicon On A Joomla Website

This article explains how to change a Joomla website's default favicon, ,which is the small graphical image shown on Internet browser tabs and on left side of a browser's address field, and on things like iPads and tablets.  You may be interested in the article of An Animated Favicon is an animated GIF, because it contains a download link for a free software to help you make your own favicon.

This article was tested on Joomla version 3.4.1.

Please note that I do not get paid to write these articles. This article will not get into how to make your favicon, and you will need to have your favicon image file (the .ico file) ready to make use of, and you will need to uploaded the file to your websites's hosting server.  You would upload via a FTP software, or a File Manager tool like the one provided by Web Hosting With $1.   A tutorial for the File Manager is here at WHW1.

  1. Login to hosting control panel, and make use of your File Manager tool.  In my case, I use #1 hosting control panel, cpanel, provided by WHW1.  Or use your preferred FTP software.

  2. Navigate to your template's folder.   If you are making use of the default template provided by Joomla, then this would be the Protostar template, and so you would go to somewhere like /public_html/templates/protostar or /www/templates/protostar.

  3. Rename the existing favicon.ico file to favicon.ico-ORIGINAL.

  4. Upload your favicon.ico file or upload your .ico file and rename it to favicon.ico.

  5. Clear your Internet browser cache.  For example, on Firefox, this would be History >> Clear Recent History >> Check ONLY Cache and Offline Website Data. 

  6. Go to your website, and Refresh/Reload the page on the Internet browser, and you should see your logo favicon showing now on the browser.


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