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Cannot Change Joomla Menu Position And How To Fix


Problem Description

If you are wondering why moving a menu item (in other words changing it's order) does not result in the menu item order changing on the Joomla website, it is because the Rebuild button needs to be pressed after you are done making your menu order changes.   If you did not rebuild the menu after changing it's order, you will find that it keeps going back to the old order.  This is something that experienced Joomla users forget too. Especially those that work with many CMS.


The Solution

The solution is relatively easy, and simply requires knowledge, or a reminder.

After you have logged into your Joomla back office (Joomla control panel), and selected Menus, and then selected either the Main Menu or your User Menu, proceed as you normally do. 

  1. Drag the menu item you want by selecting Left Vertical Dots, , and holding the mouse button down and moving it up or down to reposition (change the order of) the menu item. 

  2. Once you are done with all your menu changes on that list, then click on the Rebuild button, Joomla Menu Rebuild Button.

  3. Once Joomla is done processing the request a green bared message will show indicating that the change has been successfully saved.  Now, go to your Joomla site and reload/refresh your site's page and you will see the menu items have rearranged in the order you wanted.


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