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Published: 18 September 2014
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How To Make Hits Not Show In Joomla Articles And Category Lists

Here I show how to disable the Hits Number or Hits Counter from showing on all article pages, and also I will show how to disable the showing of Hits on a Joomla Category List page.

Steps For How To Globally Disable Hits Showing On All Article Pages:
(Additional steps at bottom for disabling Hits on Category Listing Pages)

First Login to your Joomla control panel (Joomla back end).  This would be DIFFERENT from your hosting control panel (such as cpanel) provided by Web Hosting With $1 (WHW1 hosting).

Joomla Login prompt.   From

From the System menu at the top, select Global Configuration.

Joomla Global Configuration selected from the System Menu of it's back office. From

Select Articles from the left menu.

Select Articles from the Joomla Global Configuration menu.  From

Scroll down until you see Show Hits.

Show chosen for Show Hits.  From

Select Hide for Show Hits to change it from the green Show to a red Hide.

Hide chosen for Show Hits.  From

Save the change by clicking the Save button at the top of the page.

Click on the Save Button.  From

To see the results, go back to your Joomla site and refresh/reload the page, and you will no longer see the Hits for the article listed.


Additional Steps For How To Globally Disable Hits Showing On All Category Listing Pages:

While you are still in the sub-page of Articles (Article Manager Options) of the Global Configuration page, scroll up, and select List Layouts.

Select List Layouts while in the Joomla Articles Manager Options sub-page of Global Configuration page. From

To disable the Hits showing on a category list page, change the "Show Hits in List" from Show to Hide, like this:

Change "Show Hits in List" from Show to Hide. From
Select "Save & Close" button near the top of the page to complete.

Select Save & Close button.  From

Additional Note:

You can also access the Article Manager Options by going to the top menu and selecting Content => Article Manager => Options button near right corner.

Joomla Articles Manager Options accessed by going to Content, Article Manager, Options button.  From

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