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Published: 14 April 2014
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How To Enable Joomla's Built-in Redirect And Use It

With the newer Joomla versions, you have a choice of using your hosting control panel Redirect feature and/or .htaccess file (see this article), or the built-in redirect feature of Joomla.  This article covers enabling the built-in redirect ability of Joomla and making use of it.  Note that using this method will not show the redirect along with your other redirect done in the hosting control panel, like Cpanel.


  1. Login to Joomla's backend control panel.

    Joomla Login prompt

  2. Select Plugin Manager from the Extensions menu at top.

  3. Type "redirect" in the search field and click the magnifying glass icon to begin the search, and then enable the System-Redirect plugin by clicking on the Disabled button .

  4. You will see a message saying Plugin successfully enabled, and a check mark showing next to System-Redirect.

  5. Select Redirect from the Components menu at top of the Joomla control panel.

  6. Click on the button that says New, near top left corner.

  7. Enter the old URL into the Source URL field, and your new URL into the Destination URL field, and click on the Save button.

  8. You will see a message say "Link successfully saved".

  9. You are done. If you now test things by going to the old URL, you will get redirect to the new URL.


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