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How To Install And Use Art Wijmo Menu On Joomla Site


This will be for Joomla 3.x.x versions. 
Please note that I do not get paid to write these articles.  All are done in a best effort manner.
Going to jump straight into the steps.



  1. Download Art Wijmo Menu from here (valid at time of writing this), and make a note or remember where you downloaded it to on your computer.

  2. Use your computer's file managing tool (like Windows Explorer or My Computer icon, or My Documents icon) and go to the folder that you downloaded the .zip file.

  3. Decompress (expand/de-zip/unzip) the file using any data decompression software/tool you want. If you are on a MS Windows system, then you may have these options below:

  4. Login to your Joomla (J) back end control panel.
    Joomla Login prompt

  5. select Extension Manager (on Joomla 3.x.x).
    Joomla menu - Extensions Manager

  6. Under where it says “Upload & Install Joomla Extension”, click the Browse button with your mouse’s left button, and locate the .zip file you downloaded earlier, and go to the the decompressed folders of mod_artwijmomenu_unzip_first\mod_artwijmomenu_unzip_first. from the Ads Elite website.  Select the .zip file on your computer and click on Open/Ok.
    Joomla Extention Upload and Install

    Select Module Then go into the folder of mod_artwijmomenu_unzip_first\mod_artwijmomenu_unzip_first, and select the file.

  7. Next, click on Upload & Install button to have it uploaded to your hosting server (your joomla file system) and installed.

  8. Once installed, you will see a Ads Elite Package splash page/banner, and above that a message saying something like, “Installing package was successful”.  It will indicate that you have installed an Ads Elite Plugin, and Module, and also the Ads Starter Elite Plugin.
    Message of Installing module was successful

  9. Select Module Manager from the Joomla control panel Extensions menu at top.
    Joomla Extensions Module Manager

  10. You will not see a new module showing, and called Art Wijmo Menu.

  11. Click on that linked name (using mouse left button), and change the settings as you need. One item you will most likely want to change is the "Parent menu item clickable". It seems to determine if any of the expanding menus are clickable or not, and most likely you want them to be clickable, and so set it to Yes.
    Change Parent Menu item clickable from No to Yes.

  12. Select the position you want the menu to show at.  Often it is the Navigation or Top position if horizontal and Left or Right sides if vertical setting chosen as Menu Orientation.

  13. Also change the Status from Unpublished to Published to it becomes visible on your website, unless you do not feel ready to show it. This can be done later.
    Change Status from Unpublished to Published.

  14. Go to Menu Assignment.
    Select Menu Assignment
    And Change it from No Pages to your preference; commonly being "On all pages".
    Change setting from No Pages to On all pages or other choice

  15. Go to your site by clicking the Preview button on your J back end interface. It is top right corner.  Here is an example:
    Select Preview button or link to see J site

  16. If you do not see the new menu, then Refresh/Reload your website page using the Internet browser Refresh/Reload button or menu selection.  As an example, on Firefox, at time of writing this, the Refresh button looks like this:

  17. You should see a menu similar to this format show up, but with labels of your menus instead:
    New Menu