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Published: 22 March 2014
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How to add Content (Text, images, HTML) to Footer of a Joomla 3 Site

This turns out to be very easy, but ONLY if you know about it, otherwise you could spend days finding it.

I am not paid to to write these articles. 


  1. Login into your Joomla control panel (back end interface for your Joomla site), and not to be confused with any other control panels your WHW1 hosting or others provide.
    Joomla Login prompt

  2. Select Module Manager from the Joomla control panel Extensions menu at top.
    Joomla Extensions Module Manager

  3. Click on the New button (green as of this writing).
    New button on Module Manager of Joomla

  4. Scroll down until you see Footer.  Click on Footer module to be added.
    Footer module selection

  5. Type in the Title, and depending on the template you are using select the appropriate Footer position, and click on Save and Close.
    Footer module settings

    Footer module position

  6. Now you should see the new module with the new name you gave. In the below pic, I have it renamed to "TN Footer" instead of " Footer".  Click on the name of the new module you made; in this case TN Footer.
    Footer module listing

  7. Type the message you want or add images, or insert appropriate code, and when done Save and Close.
    Footer module - Custom HTML Module Content


Notice that the Footer is really a Custom HTML module.  A copy I believe, and so you should be able to do the same thing if you choose the Custom HTML module in the early step above.