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Solution For When Install From Web Tab Does Not Show After Installing Joomla JED.

Tried on Joomla 3.x.x versions.

Yes, there is a bug of some kind in Joomla for that feature.  This article helps you get past it quickly and saves you reading dozens and dozens of sites, forum posts, and articles.

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Assumptions Made: You have already clicked to install the JED and it did successfully, and now you have clicked on the button to install the "Install From Web tab" on your extension management page within your Joomla control panel.  After clicking to install the tab, you get a successful installation message but no new tab, and the button to install shows again, or you do not see the tab in general.


  1. Clear your browser cache.

  2. Clear your Joomla cache (System >> Clear Cache >> Delete All.

  3. From the menu, go to Extensions >> Plugins.

  4. Search for the word Web (or if you want the phrase "Install from Web").

  5. Click on "Installer - Install from Web" that was found.

  6. Change the selection from First to Last.

  7. Click on Save & Close.

  8. Go to Extensions >> Manage, and you will see a new tab called "Install from Web".

  9. Clicking on the "Install from Web" tab and wait and allow the available extension and category information to be collection, downloaded and displayed.

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