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Published: 29 July 2015
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How To Changing Background Colors On Facebook And Twitter Pages

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On Twitter

The color change described below for Twitter will impact your header/banner color, button colors, and the text link colors.  Unfortunately, the rest of the page background colors does not change.  If you know of a way to also make other portions of the Twitter page change, please feel free to post in the comments below.

  1. Login to your Twitter account.

  2. Look for the Edit Profile button and click on it (near top right corner as of this writing).

  3. Scroll down and look on left menu and select "Theme color", and select the color you want.

  4. Click the "Save changes" button near top right corner.

On Facebook

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there no longer seems to be a way to modify the background color or theme color of a Facebook page.  I've tried various Firefox and Chrome Addon/plugin/Extensions and none worked to change the background color or anything else on the page for others to see. 

There are addons/apps that cause the color change for ONLY your eyes to see on your Internet browser, but nobody else will see the change as it does not actually change your Facebook page color, and only displays a different color to you when you go to your FB page. 

So, my advice, for now, is to not waste time with searching for a way to change your FB page colors.  Plus if you want a customized webpage, then it is super easy to make one instantly with full control, and email features, and ability to allow people to make their own accounts that you control and not Facebook.  The cost is so tiny ($1 a month cost) that it makes no sense to avoid it due to cost.  Half of the free software installs listed here from Web Hosting With $1 provide you instant websites for either business use, personal use, a presence website, a product webpage, a political site, or any multi-paged website or single webpage with email and databases.  All is included, regardless if used or not, and yes, it is really $12/year.  Also, yes they are the best hosting company in the world and the first and only hosting company on the planet to provide $1 web hosting for their high quality full service since at least 2003 CE.  As you can tell from my own site, you can use their service with your own domain names, or with a free domain they provide.  Once you place an order with a Host Domain Name based on a ending, it become yours, just like when you register a domain name at a domain name registrar for a .com ending, or something more similar, like a ending.  You can see a list of all the different possible Top Level Domains in the world at AGDS bulk registration page.

If you got information contrary to what I've stated here about being able to modify a Facebook page colors, then please feel free to post the information in the comments section below.


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